We specialize in public safety solutions applying vast technology experience in applications, hardware, networking and security protocols to meet/exceed State and Federal requirements. Specific knowledge supporting Computer Aided Dispatch, Records Management, mobile technologies, video surveillance, scheduling and staffing tools, license plate and facial recognition, access control and authentication products to name a few. In support of these technologies, we are on call 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, and our organization is committed to providing the outstanding services expected by our clients.


SCG’s full scope of information technology management includes an evaluation of an organization’s needs and the deployment of appropriate staff to specific locations to meet those needs. We also maintain a number of experienced and highly trained staff available for escalation and special projects. Not only are each of our employees very capable IT technicians, many have a unique expertise in specific areas of IT services to include; Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, mobile and wireless technology, information security, networking infrastructure, mixed cloud and hybrid environments, server and application administration, video applications, custom software development, project management and backup/disaster recovery solutions and proprietary public safety software.


Our understanding of Public Sector/Public Safety custom software extends past the software itself and into connectivity, security and protocols in compliance with DOJ/CJIS policies and procedures. We have experience deploying and maintaining many of the leading software products used by public sector clients. We develop custom software interfaces when needed to enhance collaborative data sharing. SCG also manages and maintains software used throughout the municipal departments including public safety, finance, public works, library services, engineering and parks/recreation.

Public Funds and Expectations

We understand municipal government purchasing regulations and resources needed to provide full-service IT support to our clients. We understand City Charters and support a competitive purchasing process as a fair and an effective way to save our customers money. We leverage purchasing vehicles such as California Multiple Award Schedules (CMAS) and General Services Administration (GSA), and know how to streamline purchase requests. We maintain excellent working relationships with major vendors such as CDW-G, GovPlace and Dell.

Consultative Approaches to Digital Transformation

SCG leadership are highly experienced public sector information technology professions. All are familiar with government purchasing requirements and City operations. Most have operational experience in leadership roles within City Governments at California agencies. We guide and recommend technology appropriate to advance functionality, enable change management and promote positive working habits of government employees. More than that, we suggest avenues of transparency, collaboration and participation to enable members of the public within a community to actively communicate and benefit from advancements in public facing technologies.

We Take on the Challenging Projects

SCG is experienced in preparing Requests for Proposal (RFP) and Requests for Information (RFI), and can assist clients with any projects requiring the preparation of such documents. Our project management skills are a strength often leveraged by our clients to supervise the management of key technology projects from start to finish. Our full service IT solutions enable City staff to focus their energies on important City business rather than become burdened by the day-to-day activities associated with managing many IT related projects. Working in partnership with city management at other municipalities, SCG has provided the requisite insight and leadership to evolve technology platforms, improve efficiencies and reduce long-term costs.


SCG has at our disposal a variety of software developers. Other SCG clients have contracted with us to develop custom software applications to handle a variety of specialized tasks or functions not found in off-the-shelf software solutions. This includes building web applications for public access, designing licensing applications, merging data from one system to another to reduce the amount of duplicate data entry, and custom reports to bring data from multiple systems (i.e. accounting, payroll, licensing, and citation data) together in one platform. SCG has developed dashboards and storyboards for web based visual representation of data. SCG integrates disparate data sources into a business analysis tool and provides Business Intelligence (BI) reporting customized to meet the needs of a specific department, and for city-wide inter-departmental reporting.

Off The Shelf

SCG has experience works regularly with many of the leading Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), Record Management Systems (RMS) and mobile platforms used by Public Sector agencies. SCG has integrated Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions between software products for enhanced and collaborative data sharing. SCG has implemented and continues to manage software used in other city departments to include; finance, public works, library services, engineering and parks/recreation. Our understanding of Public Sector custom software extends into providing connectivity, security and protocols to comply with DOJ/CJIS policies and procedures.

Trust is the Key

Our intent is to earn your trust and therefore your business. We hope to develop a technology partnership with your City, as we do with each of our clients. One way we earn the trust of our clients is our integrity, combined with a commitment to deliver the finest quality professional services possible within agreed-upon budget constraints. To that point, SCG leadership is committed to incorporating the vast majority of projects and client requests within the scope of monthly operations and maintenance (O&M) billing, rather than imposing additional charges. We have found this practice enables our clients to remain within projected budgets and promotes collaborative client relations. Our record of continuous growth, success, and stability in the industry is evidence that SCG provides clients with high quality ongoing customer support and quality services.

Hire the Right People for the Job

SCG earns and maintains the trust of our clients through our rigorous hiring process. All SCG employees submit to a thorough “law enforcement equivalent” background check. The background check, conducted by an external professional background company, applies the standard to the new hire consistent with the background check for hiring a Records Specialist for a Police Department. The result is highly skilled Information Technicians who are also qualified (by DOJ standards) to work on law enforcement technology projects and products. 


The Scientia Consulting Group, in business since the early 2000’s, specializes in providing Information Technology, Software Development, Project Management and Consulting services to Public Sector and Corporate Clients. The team assembled have decades of public sector work experience and fully understand the unique nature and characteristics associated with municipal government.

We take on those projects typically assigned as collateral duties, to leaders trying to manage their day-to-day job responsibilities, and as a result, objectives can be met, projects accomplished all within budget and on time. Thought leadership and proven methodology is a cornerstone of processes in place at SCG and our team follows examples of previous successful work product to produce clear results every time.


Specializing in municipal and public safety IT services, SCG understands the critical need to maintain constant system “up-time” and we do all that we can to ensure critical services are available so City leaders are able to provide department heads the means to ensure continuity of government. We are on call 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, and our organization is committed to providing the outstanding services expected by our clients.

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